Bisexual Hookups: Safe Sex for Bisexual Women and Lesbians

The security of bisexual dating websites has been one of the biggest concerns for some singles and couples, particularly when it comes to sexual intercourse. Bicurious singles women and lesbian have always been at high risk for HIV, sexually transmitted diseases. Master certain methods can effectively improve the safety of sexual behavior. The best way to avoid STD is to prevent any fluids from entering your body, including vaginal secretions, breast milk, semen, and blood. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare to use condoms when you have sex. There are many other ways to keep fluids out of your body, and you can try that.

Bisexual Hookups: Safe Sex for Bisexual Women and Lesbians

1. Stimulate nipples and breasts

Nipples and breasts are an essential part of sexual behavior during sexual intercourse, and you can touch and explore them with your hands or lips. Gently open your lips and lick her nipples with your lips. You can use your tongue well. A light touch can give your partner's body a feeling of electric shock that will stimulate the body as it rises over time. You can try to touch her nipples with your tongue and play with nibbling and stroking. The flat surface and tip of the tongue have distinct textures, so it gives everyone a different feeling.

2. Masturbation

The safest sex is to touch yourself alone. If you want to stimulate your sexual response without your partner, try using your hands. Dildos and vibrators are great AIDS when using your hands, and you can share sex toys with your partner, but it's important to pay attention to penis hygiene, so it's important to use condoms on toys.

3. Sex and phone sex

You can have sex with your partner even if your partner is not around. Nowadays, phone calls and sex are a very popular way of having sex. This is the most important way to get sexual pleasure when you are two miles apart. Many bisexual dating sites and apps now offer chat and video.Such as bisexual dating websites. It allows members to two-way chat online and talking. You can tell her what you would do to her if you were together, and you can say something flirtatious.

4.Oral sex

The purpose of oral sex, no matter who is speaking to whom, is to bring both parties to orgasm. If you and your partner have a hard time focusing on yourself, turn off the lights and try sucking her clitoris with your mouth.


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